Fabricademy by Francois Auclair.

About me

Welcome to my fabricademy website, I am Francois Auclair, Co-Fabmanager of echoFab Montreal, first fablab that took place in Canada 11 years ago. Also a Fabacademy graduate and instructor. I am passionate about learning new things, and super excited to be part of this program. I started working at echoFab 5 years ago, and it was my first ever experience inside the fablabs environment. I immediately fall in love with the concept and the space. I then quickly developped basic skills in digital fabrication and decided to do the fabacademy course in 2017. I initially come from the field of social studies and I am always super interested in the human and community aspect of those kind of space. My ultimate goal following the Fabricademy is to push further my knowledge around digital fabrication and also to use the opportunity to create and develop tools for the community, I am particulary interested in soft electronics, parametric design and bio-materials.

this is where I will be documenting all of my projects and discovery made during the 2020 fabricademy class.