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5. E-textiles

What is an E-textile?

An electronic textile (e-textile) is a circuit that is either constructed into a textile or created with the intention of being integrated into a textile. Source. This week we learned all about circuits, voltage, current & resistors.



Left: power by 3V battery in bracelet, photo credits: Maarten Brons
Right: 9V test, photo credits: Patty Jansen

9V test, photo credits: Patty Jansen

Left: LED dress by Richard Nicoll, SS 2015, source: stylewestfield via
Right: jellyfish, source: Gettyimages via


The making of the digital sensor (or: switch)

insert circuit drawing

The making of the analog sensor

For the analog sensor I am very interested in making a stroke sensor, it is well documented at the Kobakant website: and here

There are three ways to create this sensor:

Source: Kobakant

insert movie sensor

From Vimeo

Sound Waves from George Gally (Radarboy) on Vimeo.

From Youtube