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Movie credits: scene from Interstellar by Christopher Nolan, A Journey to the End of Time by Melodysheep

11.1.1 Implications & Applications

Time is everything. The story of Interstellar pictures humanity at the point where time matters the most, where human progress, human linear time is resulting in human extinction. At this very moment, in order to beat Covid, we need to slow down, in order to not arrive at a similar scenario as Interstellar presents to us, we need to slow down.

We have to break the spell of linear time

My project is about time and it’s about time that we take time to slow down. I want to make a performative artwork that demands from us to slow down, to stop and see the beauty of taking our time

I listed down possible form and materials which I personally link to the concepts of time and experience and which I am interested in using in this project but I will narrow down this list in the weeks to come. Next to that In the last weeks I have been working on studying movement in materials, movement in water for example:

Study of movement in water, credit: Patty Jansen 2021

Rough schedule for the next weeks and months ahead, presentation 08-12-2020, credit: Patty Jansen 2021

11.2.1 Final Project Presentation

After the presentation with Oscar, I have been experimenting with inflatables in Soft Robotics week and I was immediately drawn towards this animated movement.

Soft robot, animated movement, credit: Patty Jansen, 2021

Presentation 22-12-2020, credit: Patty Jansen 2021

For the project development I am developing the material research and installation simultaneously and in correspondence with each other. Right now, I am researching on different kind of materials I can use, trying to develop a textile inflatable, at the same time I am picturing and developing the size, space and feeling of the installation, also in relation to the current limitations due to COVID measures.