I'm Sarah a multidisciplinary designer in Montréal, experimenting on textile at the Fabricademy 2021-2022

Connect with me

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Why Fabricademy

I discovered Fabricademy thanks to coworkers at échofab, Annie and François who participated in 2020. I am very lucky to be able to manage both my work load and enroll the Fabricademy. I'm very grateful and looking forward learning new techniques and play with the machines at the échofab lab. I'm very interested in circular fashion and experimenting with dyeing techniques. I wanted to push forward my practice of circular fashion, screenprinting on second hand garments, feeling like this is just the first step and there's so much more to discover in terms of upcycling unloved textiles.

Previous work


I screenprint on second-hand clothing, a project called Nom Féminin upcycling basic second-hand clothing, I organized clothing swapping events as well before pandemic


My work as a graphic and digital product designer is available on my Youtube channel. Sneak peek here:


Pre-covid, I organized electronic music events named Electro Pron, events with digital music, video mapping and artistic performances:


I like performing, performances and cinema. I'm a contemporary dancer, I take acting classes, and I've also been a script for a short movie called "Une dernière chance".

Last update: 2021-12-13