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Sit on your waste


My final project is a reflexion on fast-fashion, production and consumption. And how with the Fabricademy I have learned and experimented alternatives to fast-fashion, classic materials, and ecodesign thinking. The project comes in a final product: a stool, but it's more a manifesto on how as a system we consume, produce and throw out our waste for others to care. I think as a designer, I should be able to design products or tools that 0 impact, are carbon negative, or regenerative. Designing less destructive, more caring products.


I want the stool to be functional. Even though it came to my mind to not make it functional at all, so it would raise thoughts rather than have a purpose, but I like the idea of creating a statement that also has a usability. But also provoke emotion and brings the sitter to wonder about the waste they’re sitting on, and raise a reflexion on over-consumption. Contemplating the ever consuming system we live in while sitting. Creating a conversational space with a few stools for people to sit on and talk, share, ideate. The stools placed in a public space are an invitation to sit, rest, observe a moment of reflexion, maybe share with other sitters.


Why work with textile waste? Well it's the one waste I'm accumulating the most. My purchasing behaviour led me to accumulate so much clothing and as far as I remember it's always been second-hand first. This is a story about my personal relation to second-hand clothing. A few years ago, I created a second-hand clothing marketplace and a community around it to swap second-hand clothing, I also organized second-hand clothing swap events. And realized I am not the only one accumulating. During those events I would be left with so many clothes, and many of them not wearable. I was overwhelmed, and had trouble finding a cooperative to give it to.

I think I know why i'm so much into second-hand, it soothes my anxiety. Because I like clothes, I like picking outfits, I like shopping, I enjoy having options, I like dressing up, it's how I communicate with the world. But I'm also very aware of how polluting the fast-fashion industry is, and how the second-hand clothing market can't be the only solution. So I have to deal with my love of clothing conflicting with my will to buy less and my planet first approach.


During Fabricademy, I was very inspired by waste composites. Inspired and soothed. Being able to locally take care of my textile waste is something I want to aim at. I like this idea of recycling locally and not giving my waste away for someone else to deal with it. It's a reality more relevant in France, where the second-hand donation market has been second-guessed (documentary "où finissent nos vêtemens" https://www.france.tv/france-5/sur-le-front/2956729-ou-finissent-nos-vetements.html).


With this in mind, I'm going for a functional circular design using textile waste: a stool. I will use a mix of biomaterials and textile waste composites. All biomaterials are reusable when heated (biosilicon, bioplaster, cornstarch glue). (+ remix ta chaise manifesto) I will make my process, recipes, available for anyone to build. A website where you can choose to buy the final product or download the DIY kit for free.

+ Remix ta chaise + #sitonyourwaste #eatmydesign #notacake + Fixing fashion https://fixing.fashion/ + Self assembly reflect on design: https://self-assembly.org/about/

Recipes and prototypes

All ongoing prototypes are listed here: https://trello.com/b/e9MU1Zzy/textile-composite

Last update: 2022-03-03