9 Textile as scaffold


--> Technical Textile applications
--> Composites and biocomposites
--> Crystallization
--> Fabric formwork & Concrete or Plaster Casting
--> Wood + Textile Composite

To do

--> Document the concept, 3D model of the piece and document the design process
--> Make two samples with 2 out of the 5 techniques to make a prototype of a textile form: fabric formwork with casting crystalization wood-textile resin-textile leather molding or other
--> Document the process from CAD to CAMM, document how to use the CNC mill and prototype your textile composite
--> Upload your 3D model and CAMM file
--> Document the 2 processes you have followed step by side from design to machine and hands-on making, materials you used, your mistakes, failures and achievements
--> Use 3D modeling software to simulate your fabric deformation
--> For this assignment you will require to build up your tools (container for molding, vacuum bag set up, frames, matrix, recipients) and process for your workflow

Lecture takeaways & inspo

Making crystals

--> I followed the tutorial to understand how it's done and I followed the recipe, heated the water, added alum, filtered the solutions with coffee filters in long cups, placed the items without touching surfaces, and covered the cups:

--> I tried three recipes for crystals:

+ 1L water / 250gr alum / red pigment (made of curcuma, baking soda, arabic gum)
+ 1.5L water / 350gr alum

+ 1L / 80gr borax

After 24 hours, the crystals did not grow, so I heated the solutions again adding more borax and alum Only the Borax crystals worked out after 24 hours of rest:

Making a mould & leather moulding

--> Designing in Rhino 3D
Create cube > create cruve > curve to surface > boolean split
Exported object in 3dm
Import in Fusion 360
Rhino files

--> Setting files in Autodesk Fusion 360
Setting up the file for the CNC

--> Cutting wood with a SMX CNC
We first used a pocket clearing setting (to substract roughly) and then a PARALLEL setting to substract smoothly

--> The leather was soaked in cold water for 30 minutes than placed in a mould, compressed for 4 days.

Useful things

--> Surzhana Radnaeva documentation
--> Marisa Satsia documentation
--> Annie Ferlatte documentation
--> Fran├žois Auclair documentation

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