13 Skin electronics

Learning outcomes

In the same way that the wearables industry is integrating fashion practices in their development, we envision new partnerships between the biotech/tech companies and skin professionals such as makeup artists, prosthesis experts and tattooists in order to embrace the idea of human-device symbiosis. FX e-makeup made use of special effects makeup for hiding electronic components that sense facial muscle movements, acting as a second skin.
+ Document the concept, sketches, references also to artistic and scientific publications
+ Design a skin circuit: Build your own version of the “Skin masquerade party” project or Build your own version of the “Twinkle Nails” project
+ Document the project and included all source files and all materials used
+ Make a video with your skin electronic working
+ Make a performance of your project functioning

Talk, lecture & inspo

Tutorial by Emma Pareschi

Programming with Attiny 45/85 tutorial files
Part 1: programming an Attiny
Part 2: testing the piezoresistive matrix

My design

I sketched an idea found during the 8min sprint. Wrote down the material I needed, and started with step 1 program Attiny, but I couldn't burn the bootloader.

  • Material G-sheet
  • Lecture slides
  • Tutorial files
  • Tutorial #1 part 1 / part 2 / part 3
  • https://class.textile-academy.org/2021/cristina.dezi/assignments/week13/
  • https://class.textile-academy.org/2021/jorge.correa/assignments/week13/
  • https://class.textile-academy.org/2022/ninon-masclef/
  • https://class.textile-academy.org/2022/eduardo-loreto/assignments/week13/

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