1 State of the art

This week I worked on defining my final project idea with inspirations and started to getting used to the documentation process and the different tools we will use for the program:

NEW TOOLS - discovering new tools
-- Mattermost => open source chat tool
-- Gitlab => repo like GitHub or Bitbucket
-- Mkdocs => static site generator with markdown language
-- Nueval => evaluation tool to track progress and discuss feedback

DAILY TOOLS - the tools I use daily
-- Pinterest => collect and archive inspiration
-- Sketch => graphic and web design
-- Illustrator => vector design
-- Photoshop => photo retouching
-- Tiny jpeg => quickly resize images
-- Unsplash => photos

Customizing with my style

I choose to keep the material theme, because I want to focus on content rather than UI design, and as a digital designer I know I can take hours choosing the right font, the right colors, when I start looking into the realm of customization. So I'm sticking with the KISS mantra, starting with the simple template and added my personal style with:
-- changing the colors to white and black, keeping it simple, I might change colors everyday depending on my mood
-- changed the font for DM Mono, but same as colors might change it depending on my mood, felt inspired by the aesthetics of Ada X Montréal website
-- changing the logo in the header, I wanted food to recall my portfolio
-- I hid the table of content sidebar on the right, as I feel one sidebar is enough for a good navigation
-- I want to find a system for photos and screenshot that will be the same for all my assignments, to create familiarity and increase readibility
-- I hid the default anchors on titles

-- I go by the ecodesign ethic guide when it comes to documenting online and UI design

-- I added an extra CSS stylesheet for customization

-- I lowered the general max width to 960px to increase readibility

Editing in Gitlab

Inspiration and research

I like the idea of not creating a consumable product but a service or a performance, an experience. I might look into that, as I'm also into performing, I take contemporary dance classes and theater, so I might combine the textile experimentation with dance. Work in progress! I'm also very inspired by the circular fashion open source archive website.

I started a Pinterest board to collect all inspiration, for the assignments, and the final project -->

During the tutorial I felt inspired by the Circular Fashion technique, and the idea of collaborating with people for the final project -->

I might look into performance, I can connect with the dance community in Montréal, and pitch my project. The photos are from Festival Quartier Danse 2021 in Montréal -->

I'm also inspired by activist movement, such as Femen, Extinction Rebellion and feminist collages. Here are some examples of actions, beginning at the left: Femen at a Fashion show protesting against fur, XR at Montréal and collages féminicides from Montréal protesting at UQAM.

Last update: 2022-01-10