Project management and documentation

AKA me vs. mkdocs


september and october 2021

No wonder, why there are 319 000 000 results for 'git error' rearch query in Google...


november 2021


december 2021

I deleted all the files from my GIT repository

I came to a conclusion that my skills are not enough to write a functional website by myself from scratch and had not enough time to learn and troubleshoot, so I found a collection of free, high-quality templates

I downloaded Phantom and uploaded the files to my repository, they should be uploaded following EXACTLY the folder hierarchy

I edited the structure of file storage to reproduce the About / Assignments / Final Project hierarchy from Fabricademy

I also needed to include this hierarchy in all the menu button and cross-links between the pages


december 2021 — ∞ ?

Still bumping into some minor issues, but with the help of Google, they are easy to solve

I know I should use the command line , but I still resort to use of the IDE

being a graphic designer I couldn't help myself but try my best to enhance the website by adding certain functionality by adding assets in css and .js scripts

I wanted to add a lightbox gallery to showcase the pictures in full size on a click

And this is the most precious resource in your battle against GIT

  • Git help here Oh shit, git!?!
  • Good luck!