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How textile came to me

I just came back from 4 years in Canada, where I learned fashion design, artisanat and growing by myself .

In Montreal, I did an intership in a boutique called Le Palais Bulles, where I meet Margaux, one of my biggest astistic inspiration. She relooks olf furnitures with natural paint and has a beautiful selection of creations from local artisans. I was constantly around artisanat, textile, vintage (clothes and objects) and passionate meetings. In that way, she helped myself to developp my artistic side and convice me that everything is possible and brings positive energies somehow.

I'm super happy and excited to start this formation. Fabricademy is a way to go behond my limits and create my own world, for real, not only in my dreams!

In four words : artisanat, meetings, nature and colors.

me Pics by me

Previous work

Last year, I worked on a collection group called Throwback Thursday. This collection is a modern exploration of the 70's aesthetic. It mirrors the similarities of the sociopolitical challenges of the past to our current world. We used nostaligia as a vehicule for reassurance and comfort.

This a presentation's video we made with my team this summer.

Editorial: Morning after - summer 2021- From Laurence Panneton, Jessika-Marie Hardvan-Camiré, Maymanat Shayan and me.

EXPLORING texture and volume

Process of the shag texture Hand made tool and hours of sewing

shag-processPics by me

Our collection is now in a showroom where designers have access so they can showcase our work from their perspectives. I had the chance to work with some stylists : Yso, Olivia Leblanc, Simon Venne.

editing Pics by @hadimourrad, @d.picard and me

My obsessions


During the first pandemic, me and my friend Eponine desired to go out of the city to explore nature. We have a commun passion for plants, flowers and traditional medicine. We found an herbalist formation in Quebec called Verte Santé. It was a revelation for both of us. Each day, we learnd in details a plant : from the seed to its medicinal properties. Thanks to the garden and this new way of exploring nature, we fall in love with this wolrd.

verte-sante Pics by me 1. Weeding 2. Herbal solar tea 3. Harvest 4. Making coffee with dandelion's roots 5. Planting 6. Discovery of new plants

That's why we continue our trip to La Colline aux herbes in Quebec where we did a WWOOFING in a farm. These experiences revealed my need to imagine and create at the pace of nature. This passion connected all my school projects with my values of sharing, environment's respect and good-heartedness. It's a way of living based on positives energies.

herboristerie Pics by


Instagram atelier SEGO

In montreal, I started to create customized clothes. I found a deadstock factory with beautiful fabrics. I wanted to make sur-mesure creations to be part of a conscientious way of consuming fashion. I worked only with natural fabrics and I'm attentive to clients' needs (shapes, colors, textures, details).

SEGO Pics by me


Le Cercle des Fermières I discovered this group of artisans 4 years ago because I wanted to learn knitting, embroidery, weaving ... everything manual! Around 20 old ladies were there everyday to meet, to share and experience. I felt priviledged to be part of this association.

tissage Pics by me couverture Pics by me

Last update: 2021-10-18