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4. Workshop with children


From midterm :

  • what type of education I want to convey ?
  • target group

IDEAS workshop

  • Mordant explores the intersections of food, color, and textiles/ menu workshop

  • Experimente food natural colors with other people --> share the moment, different result according the dinner

  • How to Make Natural Food Coloring From Ingredients in Your Kitchen for pastry

  • make them confident thanks to a scientific blouse
  • create water colours thanks to dye bath
  • make them bring one of their own clothes : sock, tee shirt, tissu ect waht they want but in natural fibers
  • going to the market with them and harvest vegetables for future dyes + vegetables to create a colour table (from Victoria's experience)
  • mix between magic and chemistry
  • explain why I am doing this : climate emergency, stop using chimicals to polute our earth --> accessible workshop to do at home and school


  • make them look at their clothes and aks them how they are made, how the color is made and where
  • pattern thanks to eco print --> satisfying for children
  • explain them that they can collect waste food in the freezer or in a box for further utilizations --> decrease waste food --> natural dyes is a long project (slowness) but can be done when you want if you keep collecting vegetables
  • speak about transmission (very important part of the project) : what I want to convey and why I'm doing this with children (they are the key of our future, they can make the difference and they are more openminded than adults) + cultural heritage (they were doing natural dies centuries ago but we forgot and abandon it)

--> think about how your own journey of discovering and creating your own colors translates to somebody else : experiences, discoveries, mistakes, joy, disappointment, each day is different

Constraints : children want imediate results, they have a limited attention, activities need to be clear and fun (no hesitation)

  • to go further with my material and activities, I can check this wonderful site :) Materiom
  • Expose the tablecloth we kids samples and some of their funny quotes.
  • create a big page with the schedule of the day and read it with them --> make them more into it


  1. Make them realize they can create their own SEASONAL colours, at home and school --> memorable memory that they are going to talk about at school, to their parents, their friends

    --> Consume seasonal products is :

    • better for health
    • better test and fresh product
    • less expensive because going to the market
    • help local farmers
    • decrease environmental impact
    • discover vegetables and try new recipes
  2. Make it short and fun

  3. Simple questions



Before workshop

  • what is a colour for you ?
  • what a color represent for you ?
  • what is your favorite colour and why
  • Do you want to EXPERIMENTE COLOURS ?

  • Is food is interesting for you ? How is your relationship with food ?

  • Did you think we could create natural dyes from food ?

After workshop

  • what is a colour for you ?
  • what a color represent for you ?
  • what is your favorite colour and why
  • did you like experimenting colour ?
  • which moment was your favorite ?
  • do you want to try other colour ?
  • are you happy with those colors ? or disapointed
  • is ts magic to create a color from waste food ?
  • is it too long for you as a creative process ?
  • how is your relationship with food after the workshop ?

After going home

  • how your parents react ?
  • how you react in front of your parents ?



Qty Description Price Link Notes Have it!
4 wood spoon 1 €. me. OK
2 thermometer 20 € me. OK
4 protective apron 6 € oullins. ok
1 string 2 € me ok
20 clothes peg 3 €. me. ok
4 pot 12 €. home + Oulab stainless or aluminium steel ok
1 paper/post-it 1.5 € carrefour
1 colander 2 €. me. ok
4 Fine mesh sieve 6 €. me. ok
1 cardboard free. Oulab to put waste food ok
2 spatula 1 €. oullin. ok
10 wood stirrer 4 €. oulab ok
3 Scissors 1 €. home + oullins ok
1 measuring cup. 3 €. me. ok
2 scale 10 €. home and Oullab ok
1 ph indicator 9 €. internet ok
4 little book free me MAKE IT
1 sodium carbonate 9 €. monoprix. ok
3 little pot 1 €. me and oullins ok
10 white paper 7 €. arts 2000 to draw on
1 argentic camera me ok
1 camera louise
1 foot camera louise
20 linen samples. free. me from olf project ok
1 big tablecloth free. me from olf textile ok
5 little measuring cup 1 € bric a brac to drink
6 clean wood spoon 2 € me + bric a brac to eat
5 paint brush 5 €. oullins.
1 scotch tape 2 €. me ok
1 glue 2€. me
5 pen 3 €. me ok
1 ruller 1€. me ok
1 wood structure free. oullins ok



  • oullin was a very good place to do the workshop : big, all materials, outside to play during break, children can move and explore the fablab --> help them to "concentrate" feeel the vide
  • age is good I think, they are curious, know a lot of things and want to experiment
  • mix girls and boys is mandatory
  • book was a good idea, they read and write so perfect to put them into it
  • book good because they have something to keep
  • 3 baths were enough, don t need to do more bath
  • make them responsible of one bath each, they loved it!
  • activity about "basics" was very nice, they like to explain what they know and a good way to introduce the workshop
  • break is mandatory after 45 min-1h max
  • even if dye bath were not very long, colors we had were good so cool to see that it is possible to do this kind of workshop with kids. I was afraid about the decoction time and dye bath time.
  • details but it was very very nice to have fresh flowers, create a very nice and colourful atmosphere
  • for children was perfect, I don't know if I can do more alone because we are using hot plate, cisors, knife so I have to be very careful.


  • 4 friends is not the best idea because they encourage themselves to do jokes. Concentration was difficult to achieve even if I didn't want to be like in school, I still want to create a nice atmosphere and learn them things.
  • I didn't use as much as I wanted my pojagi, only with Lisa because boys were to excited. I have to think about it where I want to place it for an other workshop.


Last update: 2022-08-03