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2. Digital bodies

This first week was a total exploration because I don't really like to work on computers and I'm not used to work on softwares. I had no clue about what to experiment or represente but I wanted to create something meaningful.

In that way, I choosed to talk about the feeling to be in a group, in our Fabricademy group. We are a group of 10 women and 2 mentors. With my project, I desired to symbolize sharing, community, empowerment, links between our passion.

women Pics by Charlotte


Hands / links / support / connections / good vibes

inspirationmain Pics by The Printable Concept, and by Lauren Nikrooz*

I was also inspired by Calder's mobile thanks to his stability and way of seeing space.



My first idea was to scan in 3D our 12 hands (one per person) and create a mobile with different shapes and hands' expression. So I tried to scan Elisa's hand but the result wasn't good because hand is too detailed and small compared to body.


As we can see, the scan 3D didn't take into account the hand. After, I wanted to try SMPL expressive but I couldn't download it. That's why I decided to take avatars' hands from make human software.


I exported my selected bodies to Rhinoceros. This software was super difficult for me, I had issues understanding how it works. That's why I did very simple tasks like triming hands from body. (Even that was complicated aha)

rhino-hand rhino1

Notes for Rhinoceros : Open your document, create a square in FRONT, move the mouse to RIGHT to have a 3D cube. After, click on the little globes, select a piece, press enter and select the other piece, then press delete. Don't forget to close your body (see picture with closed mesh). At the end of your work, save selected objects.

Slicer for fusion 360 was the last thing to do. I opened my rhino file, selected the type of cutting I wanted and played with the layers to find the good assembly.

slicer Notes : don't save in pdf because after, you can't open your file again and see the assembly of your project.

On Friday, we went to Tactilab to print our design with the laser cut.


I had in total 5 pages thanks to my 3 hands (I went from 12 to 3 hands because it was longer than I thought of course aha). I maximized my pages by reorganizing the space and moving pieces. Unfortunatly, and I don't know when but I changed the measurements of my document so my hands measure 216 cm x 430 cm instead of 730 cm x 430 cm. It's not a big deal, I just have very small result and it's a little bit more difficult to assembly. Practice make you perfect! :)

Assembly and result

I had 3 different hands and 3 ways of assemble. I didn;t want to use glue so I sewn the pieces together.

First hand (the easiest)

You can download my file here

Second hand

assemblage2 You can download my file here

Third hand

I had issues assemble it because my hand was saved in pdf so I couldn't open it again in slicer and lokk at the assembly plan. Because of the measurements, it's also difficult to assemble it so I'm going to fix it this week with Diane and Pauline :)

assembly3 You can download my file here



Pics by me and ceramic creation by Lisele from a la folie poterie

Here you can download my 3 PDF files from slicer :

Key words of the week/reflexion

It was very cool to see all the process and it was the first time I used laser cut so I'm happy! I still think that these kinf of softwares are not for me aha but nice try. I prefer to work with my hands and have the possibilities to repare my errors in real than in softwares.

Last update: 2022-01-19