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13. Skin Electronics

This week was about exploring Skin electronics.


Lecture Skin Electronics by Katia Vega :

Review :


Beauty technology : "Transform traditional to interactiv cosmetics in order to use the skin as an interface".

  • My biggest fear is to end up like this...

that’s why I can be perplexe about electronics ahaha!

  • I’m super happy to see that electronics can be so usefull... really magical those developments!

  • KINISI _ beautiful way to create an art performance
  • CARNAVAL MASKS : It must be so exciting for kids party and Halloween!!

  • TECHNAILS : I will love to try!!! So cool


  • Tutorial Attiny Part 1 : in this tuto, Emma explained us how to use an AT tiny.

Description of the beast

How to use an AT tiny :

  • Tutorial Attiny Part 2 : in this tuto, Emma explained capacitive sensors

Conductive Fabric Capacitive Sensor Wheel :

Very cool references in Jessica Stanley page :)

  • Tutorial Attiny Part 3


Material :

  • TouchMe device --> you can buy it here

  • people with hands or just you

  • others objects that can conduct electricity

  • computer

  • USB cable

Steps :

  • connect Touch me device to the computer (or tablet and phone) thanks to a cable

  • use Google Chrome to open synth.playtronica and choose any synth you like

  • touch both ends of TouchMe to play

  • you can use TouchMe device and/or add objects that can conduct electricity

  • with a friend : each of you should touch one end of Touchme and touch on each other skin

  • let's dance !

Note :

  • As the area of touch and intensity changes, the sound changes too

  • No noticeable latency, TouchMe reacts just as any other midi controller

  • TouchMe is safe, but don’t use it you have a pacemaker.

Touch me Playtronica

Play alone or with your friends!

SOUND ON : this is an example of the created sound on a synth.

Let's "touch us"!

Here are some examples from customers

Last update: 2022-09-01