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3. Colours

Possibilities to create colours

"Color is nothing more than a measure of how quickly the light waves are waving." fromm Cecilia's PPT

I decided to study colours, how we make colours, how we see colours, how we experimente colours. Colors represent life for me, I love colours! I want to learn how to do my own natural colours. I want to understand that color are not bright as they are. We need time to find the perfect recipe and colours that reflect our experimente. Each step of the process is important and will help you understanding your color.

Think about the type of eductaion I want to convey....


= liquid bath, soluble in water, into the material


= dense liquid, soluble/dispersed, into and onto the material

I can do with my dye bath + other powders and solvents.

I tryed many recipes and add fun :) I might have put to much gum guar and alun...... because my foam becomes solid.

Ref : Cecilia PPT, Beside, lesplastikeuses

Ink with Onion : inspissation = flat layer of onion in the oven, 60-70 degree, and when it is dry and enough thick, I put an other layer of onion bath and again and again --> create water colours


= powder, insoluble in water, onto the material


  • lemon
  • bicarbonate
  • iron
  • vinegar

Last update: 2022-09-01