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Final Project Proposal

Last Update: Dec 7, 2021

Brainstorming Ideas

Initially I would jot down any ideas that popped up in my head no matter how realistic or fantastical it was. I tried to categorize them as well.

The next thing I did was create criteria for each project that would help me narrow them down (e.g. complexity, probability or likelihood of being done, approx. cost, and my own personal preference or like-ness to the project).

Narrowing Down the Ideas

Based on this criteria, I narrowed down my ideas to a light-up swim suit, therapeutic shoulder/neck wrap that is waterproof, and a pull buoy that can be adjustable in buoyancy.

In the end I decided to go with the light up swim suit with the following moodboard:

❗️ Side Note: I'm setting my back up plan to either the adjustable buoy OR a portable exploding air pocket inside a bracelet or phone case.

Product-Service System

The Ultra-personalized product-service system for my project is as follows:

Miro Board

Assignment Criteria

Learning outcomes

  • References and Concept development
  • Design: Understand how to develop a concept and service model
  • Documentation: Stakeholders analysis, Service description, Personalisation options
  • Final outcome: The product/service/experience is defined and ready to be presented to potential stakeholders
  • Originality - Aesthetics: Has the proposal been thought through and elaborated?

Student checklist

  • Document the concept, sketches, references also to artistic and scientific publications
  • Create an Ultra-personalised product service system (UPPSS) for your final project proposal
  • Map the potential stakeholders
  • Explore personalisation at all the different levels
  • Interview your potential users/target group about your concept, quantify results (extra credit)

Other Resources and Sources of Inspiration

Last update: 2021-12-07
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