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9. Textile Scaffold


Unfortunatelly I have been sick this week, so I wasn't able to joing the milling machine workshop, but I have managed at least to grow crystals on LED's, fabrics and 3D printed rings. I would love to try leather molding once I have still bit of time to catch up.

Lether Molding Inspiration


Left: Balmain Fall/Winter 2020 Ready-to-Wear collection fashion show set, staging, and atmosphere, Right: Balmain Spring 2021 Ready-to-Wear collection, photos from Paris Fashion Week

Lether Molded Mask

I found this very nice project of how to make a lether molded mask on this website, you can follow a tutorial and see if it works.

I would love to try this tutorial for the design I have made for skin electronics with crystal grown LEDs an batteries.

Crystalization Inspiration

The inspiration to make 3D printing on LEDs came from this amazing project, that I have found on instructables by Rachel Freire, she is one of my idols. I absolutelly love her work from the bottom to the top.

Photos: Rachel Freire - eTextile crystallography


*Crystals are solid materials with there atoms aligned in a some repetitive geometrical structure. There are different ways how we can grow crystals from different salts. We can choose many different salts f.e. borax, alumn, copper or copper sulfate. We can choose also make crystals from sugar. For my project I have deciced to make copper crystals. For this week I have decided to grow alum crystals.

Ingredients & Recipes

Prepare this recipe 1 by collecting the ingredients necessary, to be found in the list below:

=== "ingredients"

    * 400 gr alumn
    * 1000 ml of water

=== "tools"

    * weight
    * whisker
    * pot
    * bowl
    * stove

Process and workflow

Prep for LEDs

- hook the LED
- add conductive thread

Prep for the 3D printed ring

- hook the ring on a longer string

Prep for fabrics

- cut into pieces
- soak the fabrics wet

Preparing the liquid

- put water to boil (it has to be boiling)
- add alumn to the boiling water
- mix very well together the alumn and the water (until no salt is seen)
- filter the liguid out
- let the crystals grow until you reach the desired end

Photo: Linette Manuel

Photo: Linette Manuel

Grow crystals

- put all desired things in, so that the crystals can grow over them

Photo: Linette Manuel

Growing Crystals on 3D Printed rings

I have also grown crystals on rings that have been 3D printed on FDM 3D printer. The ring itself had a very crazy structure since you should not be printing jewelery on FDM 3D printers but SLA printers. But the rings looked greate at the end.

Growing Crystals on 3D printed rings by Linette Manuel


  1. recipe: crystal growing 

Last update: 2023-01-22