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11. Implications and applications


This week has been great for me, but also a nightmare. I had so many ideas to go through and it has been tough to actually capture and figure out what I would like to do. I am very good at generating ideas, but sometimes is really hard to narrow them down.

I have gone through many different ideas.


I have started by brainstorming all of my ideas, since I really had many of them, I took a step back and looked at my values and things close to my chest.



Interactive Learning - Education

Arts & Performances

Makers, Sci-fi, Future, Tech


At the end, I had ended up with 9 ideas.

Fortunatelly Cecilia and Bea have helped me to narrow the ideas down and find the common ground of each of the project. Every single one of the project was about the data processing and visualisation. I was super happy to have some good labeling. I have also made a pool on my instagram which of the project sounded the most interesting for people. The Memo-ring was winning, but then I have realised that most of my community consists of techies, who already have oura ring or smart watches.

Choosen Concept

I have decided to go with the project, that seemed the closest to me and also will help me in the future with my carees since, I would like to shift my career more towards entertainment industry. Either within movie, theathers or to work more with artists and performers.

Art Performance Concept

This project is combining all of the things that are close to my heart. I have my roots in Angola, which is South-Western country in Africa. The habit around theaters there is very much different from the one I am used to in Central European countries. In Angola, there is a very close relationship between the performer and the audience. The audience is much more engaged and drawn into the story the is being unreveled. Sometimes the story even changes based on the suggestions that someone shouts out. I would love to use my passion for technologies and create an art performance that would help the more timid and introverted theather culture to currate and narate the story with the perfomer. I would like to work with sound and create a soundtrack generated by the dancers movement and the audiences heartbeat.

Why, What, Who, When, Where?






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Last update: 2023-01-16