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2. Digital bodies

Research & Ideation


I have been super excited about this week. I absolutelly loved the presentation about the ways we can imagine are represent the human body. Especially the part, where we have seen how we can use technologies to work create maniequines are customizable and be unique for every single person.

I would like to pin out few projects, that I have found very interesting and insparing for this week.

David Cerny - Lilith

David Cerny's Lilith sculputure is a new sculpture of a 24-meter-tall naked woman installed on a building in Prague owned by the Trigema investment group. The sculpture weighs 35 tons and rotates its head at regular intervals. According to Cerny, the sculpture is meant to symbolize women's equality and independence.

David Cerny - Lilith

Photo: David Cerny official page

Sophie Wong - Reusable and light mannequin

The reusable and light mannequin - Mannequino


Photo: Mannequino Official Webpage


For my project I have decided to create a torso of a mannequine, that would have an different representation of the bone structure and the skin. To create a skin I wanted to use the very popular Voronoi pattern, that would allow me to bend the cardboard structure over the body.


  1. I have used Make Human to create a digital body with my specific proportions and exported the body as a 3D Model
  1. I have used Rhino 3D to cut the body and lay out only the torso of the body, and transformed the body into a one layer mesh
  1. I have followed this tutorial on how to Voronoi pattern using Grasshoper. I have lofted over the torso, so I could create unified surface to put the Voronio pattern over

  2. I layed the pattern flat, so I can cut it out of cardboard

  3. I have used Slicer for Fusion 360 to slice the body and create the inner harder part of the body

  1. I laser cutted all of the parts out of the 3mm cardboard

    Settings: - for text -> speed: 100, max: 10, min: 10 - for cutting -> speed: 65, max: 65, min: 20

  2. I have assembled all of the parts

Cutting Bodice by Linette Manuel

  1. I used a white spray to unify the torso


I could not export the 3D model of the grasshoper bodice, since it was to big and my computer kept crushing down everytime I tried. I am at least includin the videos.

Digital Body by Linette Manuel

List of Tools

I have used sever tools finish my project. Here is the list of them:

  • Rhino 3D
  • Grasshoper
  • Slicer 360
  • Laser cutter
  • Snapseed

List of Files

Last update: 2023-05-19