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Collective Narratives

The Collective Narratives is a project that explores the connections and narratives that we construct within society, culture, and technology through an intimate performance. As a diaspora child who has been raised in both Czech and Angolan cultures, I consider myself fortunate to have access to two distinct sources of wisdom, and this project is a modest means through which I feel I can contribute to society. Cultural customs have a significant impact on the relationship built between performers and audiences. In Angola, I have observed a unique theatre culture where performers and audiences have a very close relationship. The audience is an active part of the performance and their inputs have such a high value that the performer changes the narrative based on the audience's reactions, emotions and desires. This differs markedly from the traditional European theatres. Another key element of the project is how we deal with our digital artifacts. How will they be interpreted by the future historitians? Can they serve the purposes to create new narratives of truth? This dance performance aims to bring experiences from expressive culture into a more private culture, and provides a non-invasive means for individuals to participate in the narrative process by transforming heart data into instruments that generate a unique melody. AI software fine-tunes the soundscape to ensure a pleasurable auditory experience for the dancer to dance to. The dancer then responds to the audience through sound generated by the haptic bodysuit that the dancer is wearing. The performance generates a unique story experience for the audience, a narrative where sound and touch replace words.


Video / Movie final project



Performance Story

The year is 5089, words have become a lost legacy. There was a time when humans came to the conclusion that words, no matter how well they were spoken or written, were simply not enough to communicate. After many misunderstandings, it was decided that words must be wiped out from the planet altogether. Instead, they turned to technology and data to facilitate empathy and trust between individuals. They greeted each other through touch and danced through conflicts. They never use names. An evoking thought is all it’s needed to start a dialogue. But even though so much has changed, human curiosity and need for understanding the past remains the same. In this world she is known as the collector, an archeologist of sorts. She had discovered an industrial abandoned space, and the only thing she could explore was data - the pieces of not always perfectly accurate heart data left behind as artefacts. She knew that she could bring history back to life by examining and experiencing this data. And so, piece by piece, heart by heart, she danced through the data. Every time she processed a root of data-stream, she gained knowledge, a fuller picture, and a clearer melody. She kept dancing until there were no unknown pieces left. Her pocket was full. She understood. As she danced, she couldn't help but wonder and she asked herself: “Were you aware? Did you mean to leave us a message? Were you creating a story?” And she kept dancing, lost in the beauty of the past and the present.

Last update: 2023-05-19