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In this project I'd like to design home obects for adults that allows for focus; and object that embodies the following principals

Shifting attention : Out of sight out of mind Imbalance : Alignment Agency to re-build : Reconnect Build for transitional spaces

In order to ground and find balance my design will creating space for true presence.



Part of presences is creating product that reflect the reality of our extended environment. In this project I'd like to work with Pine Slash, or the biomass that remains after a forrest has been logged. This includes largely, branches, needles, cones, and bark. In an attempt to re-connect systems logging has destroyed and bring light to the unseen impacts occuring underground, I'd like to use a symbotic mycleium to the pine tree and work in collaboration with Scientists working in this field (soil biome/mycological systems) to use their data to inform the resulting product forms.


In this way I hope these interactive home objects offer another pathway for the expression of important scientific forms; to give voice to science through experience in form. I like the idea of imbalance, the maintenance that requires and the attention it demands of us. In the stool form I hope to create a stacking system of interchangable elements.

Inspired by the work of Mimmi Blomqvist and commerical farming methods for mushrooms, my approach to form generation borrows from textile scaffolding. Mushrooms can be grown in long bags hung side by side in a clean room. Using silicone for the mould and plaster for the form, I hope to create reusable modular moulds that allow me to reproduce forms with low waste and with low risk of error. Creating modular mycelial forms allows for quick drying and the ability to separate our irregular or molding modules.




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Photo by Bela Rofe on Fabricademy 2019-20


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