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weik concept

Mycelium is the essential underground fungal network which carries nutrients, messages and hydration between trees. Ancient wisdom found in our oldest trees are shared within the ecosystem by way of this, the Internet of Trees. Pine forests, representing 45% of industrialized forests, have been torn from these natural connections with 20-30% of their biomass, in the form of pine needles, left unused on forest floors. This build up of biomass has become, quite literally, fuel for the ever increasing wildfires we are experiencing globally.

We are in the midst of a global transition and so we must learn to move with it.

weik, aiming to restore the interrelations of eco systems in transition, has developed new forest biomass mycelium material and pine needle biocomposite. Balance is at the heart of this project; how we might ground our bodies and weave our production back into the interrelations of nature. Designed with pine biomass, resin and mycelium; the stools design encourages balance, grounding and presence - the qualities we also seek to produce in the material development.

Symptoms of imbalance are everywhere; felt in our bodies, borne into consciousness and made visible in our relationship with nature. In our attempts to control ecologies, we have created an unnatural dynamic of excess and absence inside ourselves and in the wild; a build up of stressors and erosion of natural connections.

Future developments look to work with local mycelial cultures from the areas where biomass is harvested, reconnecting familiar friends and offering land stewards with means to rebuild with local mycocultures.


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Last update: 2023-05-05