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BoM bill of materials

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Qty Description Price Link Notes
1 Pine Needles 0.000 $ the forest
1 HedelComposite 22.00 $ Kineco
1 Pilates Mat 30.00 $ Decathalon packs of 3
1 Material five 22.00 $ amazon
1 Pine Resin 22.00 $ amazon

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Story telling script

My sketch for my story telling came more in a written document to which I mapped my digital content that I created over the duration of the project. It is as follows:

  1. Intro Spinning forest Slash TEXT Weik + logos NARRATION Symptoms of global imbalance are everywhere; felt in our bodies, borne into consciousness and made visible in our relationship with nature. In our attempts to control ecologies, we have created an unnatural dynamic of excess and absence inside ourselves and in the wild; a build up of stressors and erosion of natural connections.

We are in the midst of a global transition and so we must learn to move with it.

  1. Balance: forms Spinning Plaster prototypes TEXT Seats for Active Stillness NARRATION The world feels like it’s spinning. Finding an embodied balance takes intentionality and grounded presence.

  2. Lisa head poke TEXT: Relational bio-designer, and over thinker and clutz. NARRATION: Especially… if you’re me.

  3. IOT Mushroom to forest shot TEXT: IOT: internet of Trees NARRATION The forest teaches how self regulation might grow through con-regulation.

Mycelium is an underground fungal network which carries nutrients, messages and hydration between trees. When locally sourced, repopulating Mycocultures can support accelerated forest regeneration in impacted areas while stabilizing the soil.

  1. Material Creation Collecting BioMaterials TEXT NARRATION Current forestry practices are disrupting the Wood Wide Web and leaving forest floors overwhelmed with excess biomass. This is resulting in unprecedented fires, floods and landslides globally. Aiming to restore the interrelations of eco systems in transition, remnants of trees were collected from locally logged land. Future developments look to work with local mycelial cultures from the areas where biomass is harvested, reconnecting familiar friends and offering land stewards with means to rebuild with local cultures.

  2. Making Substrate Quick edit of making substrate Gif myco growth TEXT NARRATION 21s Creating a series of tests using the 20-30% of the tree which remains on the forest floor after harvest, allowed nature to lead the way in material production. The resulting materials were monitored for density, durability and voraciousness of growth.

  3. Creating biocomposites TEXT NARRATION 12s Developing 100% pine biocomposites to complement mycelial forms added durability to the design while maintaining the stool’s intention of biodegradability.

Form VIDEO Plastic bags growing mycelium Spraying alcohol - wiping surfaces Gus gus? Model making process TEXT NARRATION Designing with nature while working to foster growth outside of a natural setting requires a very sterile environment.

VIDEO Plastic bags growing mycelium Spraying alcohol - wiping surfaces Gus gus? Model making process TEXT NARRATION Hanging in the balance, fabric molds were created to be suspended, a practice also used in the farming of mushrooms. In order to reduce the impacts of production, flexible molds were developed that are both reusable and re-formable.

Conclusion NARRATION The concept of balance is at the heart of this project; how we might ground our bodies and weave our production back into the interrelations of true nature.

A good exaple of story telling sketches are from ...Florencia Moyano


Small prototypes submitted for my fabricademy did not include digital production however I have included files for the design of the prototyping rig and in the production of the scale model here


Last update: 2023-05-04