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My documentation

This is the website gathering all my documentation for Fabricademy 2023–2024 course that I follow at the node Green Fabric in Brussels.

Final project: Strip-p-ed out

«Strip-p-ed Out» is a project researching patterns which can bypass human recognition of Computer Vision. What does a CCTV see? Does it really see humans or…? Can we fool its eye? Look at the camera which is looking at you looking at it. I eye I eye I eye I…

A booklet of this research is available here (print it from the browser when you land on that page).


Project management
Digital bodies
Circular fashion
Computational couture
Open-source hardware
Textile scaffold
Skin electronics

About me

Photo by Ludi Loiseau

Trained as a graphic designer and media designer, I worked for ten years with Open Source Publishing making websites and visual identities using only Free and Open Source Software. I also teach Digital Design at École de Recherche Graphique where I guide students into experimenting free software for graphics, hybrid publishing (web2print). Since 2020, I joined Green Fabric, a textile fablab in Brussels. There I like to jump from machine to machine, but I focus mainly on machine knitting.

Previous work

My Mother Was a Computer

A series of knitted tapestries of women who played a major role in the history of computing.

My Mother Was a Computer
My Mother Was a Computer
Ada Lovelace
Ada Lovelace, knitted tapestry

DIY Jacquard loom

Grace Hopper
Grace Hopper, woven on knitting machine
Ada Dietz
Ada Dietz, woven on knitting machine

Generated patterns

Ada Dietz
Pattern generated with Ada Dietz algorithm
Pattern generated with the software AdaCAD
Pattern generated with the Python library Itertools