VVVVVStéphanie Vilayphiou

Final proposals


For the exhibition in May, I would like to exhibit the small scale prototypes I've made. Besides, I will invite the audience to make their own prototype and test it with a live OpenCV. They can later bring their prototype home and upscale their pattern on a real garment. To ease the prototyping, I made a lasercut template to assemble the garment with tabs and notches rather than sewing.

Lasercut template.

Hand-drawn tests with Posca and textile markers:

Hand-drawn lines

Hand-drawn curves

Hand-drawn dazzle pattern

Hand-drawn fat lines

Tests with OpenCV of different patterns:

Vest 1: Readymade

Some patterns might already be available for a good camouflage. You must pay attention to the orientation though, it looks like horizontal patterns work best. Here are some examples with fabric found at Green Fabric:

Works so-so. Probably the lines are not big enough.
Works fine.
Works fine.
Works so-so. Probably because it's squared.
Works so-so. Probably because they are closed shapes and not lines
Does not work. Shows that the orientation has an impact.

I used one the pink and yellow striped fabric to make a very fast test of a scale 1 vest. It is an assembly of rectangles, it could use better shaping, but it's good for a prototype.

Vest 2: Scribbling

I used the "Hatches" effect for objects in Inkscape to make scribbling on the panels. It was quite useful to manage the thicknesses and orientaion of the lines.

Prototype made with a textile printer.

It's the first time that I made a big and finished object with the Kniterate! It was quite exciting. I had a lot of holes that I had to repair because the yarns were too fine/fragile.

Source files
2 colors, inverted. Before ironing.
2 colors, inverted. After ironing.

Vest 3: Dataviz

The thicknesses of the stripes of this vest are translations of the amound of CCTVs in 5 European countries.
Data is from 2023, retrieved on this website: https://www.comparitech.com/vpn-privacy/the-worlds-most-surveilled-cities/. It is a top 150 of the most surveilled cities in the world, there are only 5 European ones in this list! Those are the ones I kept for the dataviz.






The captions of the dataviz have been lasercut:

Source files

Final vest:


Video available at https://videos.domainepublic.net/w/56Epknx9rmjKCh6d9QCX1f

Draft storyboard

Voiceover: text-to-speech

wall of emoji eyes
Video capture of
tracked humans
Data numbers
Existing garments
on CCTV bypass
Adam Harvey's
How to be invisible
to both humans and machines
slideshow openCV
"in the wild" images
openCV video on dolls
Élodie Goldberg
wearing kimonos
in front of a CCTV…
…+ computer with live openCV
People painting on shirts
their own camouflage garment
People trying on
their own camouflage shirt