Annie, what's in your brain?

  1. I'm Annie Ferlatte, I am from Montréal and work in the first Fab Lab of Canada, échoFab

  2. I have a background in architecture and in design which gave me a curious mind and a stubernest of solving problem. I like to ask questions and try to find solutions for the earning of all... including the whole planet. The field of fabrication is quite polluting and it’s time to shift our way of living. This is why finding alternatives to the material we use, the way we produce and the way we consume is a challenging problem that I like to take. Working in a fab lab allows me to touch directly the consumer and the creator. Vulgarizing the informations, creating easy reproductible process and share my design and environnemental knowledge are ways I find to contribute to solve this big challenge. It allows me also to find solutions around the waste produced, the impact of the material and the increase the safety of this type of fabricating space.

  3. This formation, as the fabacademy , helps me to experiment solutions, see possibilities, understand better the issues about the local fabrications at a small and medium scale, shifting my mindset of thinker to doer (just do it like Nike said) and finding/sharing process that will allow people to create objects safer for everyone and fast/simple enought to be desired.

  4. I find it very difficult to work with soft material so there is a whole area of possibilities that is hidden. It’s time for me to shift these type of materials and their fabrication process from the category ''Oh, god how in the world I am gonna do this? I will find another material.'' to ''Oh! why don’t we do this in this amazing lightweight flexible material? ''. The ultimate goal here is to take a step forward in that direction and continue my learning journey in electronic and digital documentation.

  5. Most of the objects that are around us have a interaction with a humain body. It can be visual like the esthetic of a sofa. It can be the feeling like the softness of the finish when you touch the sofa just before sitting or it can be the feedback of a action like when you sit in this nice cozy sofa and feel that spring that ruine your comfort. The soft material bring their own unique property. Flexible, expandable, breathable, create organic shape, foldable, soft etc.) When it comes to create a interaction with multiple sizes and shapes of human body, working with soft material is quite an advantage.

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