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5. E-textiles

End Results

Even though the Sock doll needs some decoration and I could make integrated circuits for my analogue and digital sensors, I have demonstrated that they do what they need to do.


I have been interested into the felt-body experience of wearing technology for a while now. And have been studying several philosophers to help me create a framework and vocabulary for understanding the new and uncommon experiences technology has to offer when worn directly on the body. I will elaborate upon this philosophical research trajectory under 'Research' below. Here I want to firstly mention e-artist and dear friend Anja Hertenberger. We met right at the start of my research project and she has been a great source of inspiration and a lovely human being to have near. Below you'll find the lace sensor project she created together with Meg Grant.

I'm sure I'd like to do something with these E.T.-like vibration motors & studs in due time. Find it so funny I came across these immediately on the Kobakant website :)

Thinking about ways to embed the technologies into something aesthetically pleasing. I'm thinking children's play. The three peas in a pod I made a few years ago may be of use.

More inspiration, an old sock and some materials I had scattered in several places in my home.

I went shopping and had fun. Think these tools will come in handy during my end-project also (yes, potentially working towards something here).

I'm thinking of giving the sock puppet dragon an analog sensor on its back that is bent according to the position of its head (the hand).


As said, I wrote a few articles revolving around e-textiles and the body and would like to start one this week, do some more research and will keep you informed below.


"Mama, just killed a led. Put 9V through its head, closed the circuit now its dead. Mamaaaa..."
A led without resistance facing a 9 Volt battery is just not going to survive. Lesson learnt.

Today we're making 'quick-n-dirty" switches to begin to understand circuits, the Arduino and all its friendly options. Petty my MacBook Pro USB extension is misbehaving at times and causing problems with Arduino's portal preferences... See image below for what it should be.

Becoming friends with the Arduino through a blink ;) And learning that the pins assigned in a sketch do not necessarily match the actual pins I have used on the Arduino.
Serial plotting the touch sensor added to the Arduino breadboard. Having fun here!
My daughter and Smokey (our cat) became curious and helped out. The idea for a digital sensor for my peas in a pot is consolidating.

I call this 2D prototyping, and can't wait for my peas and dragon to come alive!

Three stages of building the analogue sensor.

Last update: June 29, 2021