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A windy textile

What if we could play with the wind instead of having a windbreaker ? I started some researches about wind, about it's representations and how humans already play with it nowadays.


Art installations

theojanssen1 Theo Jansen

theojanssen2 Theo Jansen

thomaslanfranchi3 Thomas Lanfranchi

thomaslanfranchi4 Thomas Lanfranchi

thomaslanfranchi5 Thomas Lanfranchi

Thomas Lanfranchi - Artist in Residence from Arts Letters and Numbers on Vimeo.

Thomas Lanfranchi

Daniel Wurtzel, Dança de Lenços de seda



kite2 kite3 kite4 kite5 kite8 kite9 kite10

Fashion design

isseymiyake Issey Miyake

isseymiyake2 Issey Miyake

paragladinggarment Yohji Yamamoto

Imaginary machines

flyingmachine flyingmachine2 aerostat


This funny video of 3 kids skateboardings with plastic bag :

Last update: 2022-04-27