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Cocoon Final Submisssion

Cocoon is a contribution to art, fashion performance and the movement of accepting and loving ourselves. A collaboration video that manifest the journey we go through to find calmness from within. A design and fabrication of a first piece. A theatrical Collapsible piece ( Cocoon Shell ) that represents the journey itself and how it looks from the outside vrs how it feels from the inside using 3D printing, parametric design and epoxy composites. A second item called TrueSkin ( catsuit) that represents the Feeling of comfort in your own skin, imperfections and all. Fabricated using parametric design techniques, 3D printing molds and casting.

The final product is a collaboration video of my idea,script and fabrication along the editting work of Khaled Jaber and Video photage by Ahmad Alkhateeb.
A maifestaion of self love and journey within
Showcasing the Cocoon piece and Trueskin piece of my design and fabrication.

I hope you enjoy the video

To explain the project, here is a slide link to understand concept and fabrication of the final product.

To take a closer look at the fabrication and concept, here is a 2 min video highliting the main point of my project process.

Last update: 2022-06-10
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