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Who am I ?


A vigorous talented designer with 9 years of experience, creating high quality innovative designs within a wide diversity of styles and work nature. Creatively transforming ideas into genuine designs that cater to client needs and reflect a great taste. I am a passionate architect and interior designer with various acquired skills in graphic design, illustration and product.
I am particularly interested in versatile textile innovations that are sustainable or recyclable. I am more inclined into 3D geometric fashion as my background suggests. I also enjoy working with different patterns and textures and technological approaches.

Why did I join Fabricademy ?

I am in constant lookout for a platform where I can let my imagination loose. A place of aesthetic invention and creativity. I plan to use all of the available skills and resources that I can get my hands on during this journey to produce wearables and textiles that serve it’s functional and aesthetic purpose. I am a fast learner. I am eager to try out new programs and experiment with different materials. I don't hesitate to take the next course to further my abilities in my learning journey.


Previous work

Soaps & Cosmetics

Under the name Lemongrass body products,I have intensively studied soap making processes and had hands- on experience making different kinds of soap using available versatile ingredients like coffee, milk and plants.
I enjoyed the designing part when you make different shapes and layers experimenting with colouring techniques in order to achieve the desired look.I failed many times, once the batter didn't turned bad, another the end result was far from intended. I learned a lot, worked hard and enjoyed the outcome each time. I worked on everything, the packaging, the chemistry, the recipe making, production, marketing even shopping.
It didn’t stop with soap, I started experimenting with other cosmetics like hair products, body butters and serums.

You can Check Lemongrass instagram page through this Link

Architecture & Interior Design

Under the name of EDGE I designed many apartments, clinics, spas, shops even single rooms within a wide range of styles. I Created mood boards, technical drawings and 3d high quality realistic renders using 3dsMax and Vray. I enjoyed designing different mood boards and turning my client's dreams into reality.

You can follow Edge instagram page through this Link
OR you can Check the website EDGE

Graphics & Art

I had exposure to diverse parts of digital art. Including image's post production, packaging design, badges design and digital drawing.

You can always check my Behance


I Enjoy the work of diffrent artists including the designer Oki Sato

some of my favourite work of his is the Cabbage Chair made with recycled pleated paper, an abandoned by product during the process of making pleated fabric.

I also enjoy the work of Iris Van herpen, Neri Oxman,Nick Cave and Ying Gao

Inspirational Collage

Final Project Initial Idea


A Digital Fabricated Transformable extendable Chapeaux

Jordan is known for its amazing weather. However, I find the sun hits hard and winter can be harsh. What a wonderful way would it be to find a garment accessory that can be used for summer and winter as a hat, chapeaux and an umbrella. A multi-function item that can cater to the needs of the wearer, where it can grow and deteriorate to match the body size, movement and taste.

I am inspired by nature and plan to mimic the natural pattern of extendability that can be seen in shells and mushroom morphology in particular. I plan on using 3D Parametric Techniques, 3D printing and different textile fabrication methods to achieve a high functioning and aesthetically pleasing modern design.

The product will use a 3d expanding mechanism similar to the picture below, for a better fit for all head sizes.

This GIF is made from the work of Erin Hunt, you may find a link to this experiment Here and you can explore her entire project.

An expandable stick that opens at one end to create a small magnetic mesh, connects to the 3d expanding mechanism above transforms this wearable into an umbrella.

The basic idea of the wearable itself is an expandable spiral skeleton that transforms in size and shape in a somewhat spiral movement using 3D Parametric techniques. Within this skeleton is a fabricated textile that stretches and matches the movement of the skeleton.

The final product will probably be within a futuristic origami fashion approach with a natural essence in pattern and movement.

Concept style

Note: credit to these amazing designers
- Matt Shlian - Folded Paper Sculpture
- Maria Borges - Gabriela Ligenza - _Sculptural hat

- Tête de Bois - _ basecap

Last update: 2021-09-28
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