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Midterm Presentation

I presented my project online on February 13 to show the progress I made in the two months(In my case it was less than a month as I could start the project only in February and I had pending assignments to finish.)



Adele Orcajada, Basque Bio design Centre

It was interesting. Water Hyacinth- focused. You have honed in on something. I really love when the pollutant is actually natural as well because it contradicts a lot of our ideas of what pollution is all about. So it's a really good kind of challenge to educate people on how breaking the balance of our ecosystem can be dangerous and there's a really interesting project called algae bloom that does something similar. So kind of using excess growth as a starting point. It's intersting and you should put a lot of focus on alternatives. You are not the first person doing fabricademy in a country that's not their own and comes up with this problem. What am I gonna do when I go back or what if I want to share my knowledge with people from where I'm from. They can't get these recipes. I think thats a really strong point that you could harness and it looks like through your project you are looking to explore as many recipes as possible and that's good and bad because it can go too far and you really need to bring it down. I mean I think you are not looking for any specific application fashion, packaging it... Looks like you are exploring the material. So I don't know may you need to give it some kind of shape like a recipe book, an open source manual and maybe your strong point apart from WH is this idea of local alternatives. It would be really nice to see those those samples with the recipes with the properties, kind of really bring it all together because you have a lot of information, a lot of exploration but right now kind of feels like it's really broad and thats why you couldn't do it in 7 minutes. You kind of need to condense it into something much more structred. I love where it's going, you just kind of need to give it some shape.

Feedback from Focus Group

Global Focus group with Angela Barbour and Louise Massacrier

I got 3 feedbacks from my focus group. 1. When I tried out paper, Angela Barbour suggested I try Okra mucileage as a binder. Louise Massacrier sent me a recipe 2. During the second presentation, I wanted to finish fast to attend the mentoring session(it was overlapping with the presentation) by Robert of matterfad. Angela told me to take time and show the steps properly. 3. During my story board presentation Louise and Angela suggested I change the order in which I present. But I discussed with Petra and went ahead with my original plan.

Local Mentoring sessions with Robert D. Thomson, Marion Real and Petra Garjova

A detailed note on Robert's session is given in concept development. Marion gave a lot of notes to develop the Pola network. However I couldn't use any of these as it came a bit late. But I'm certain all of them will help me in the next phase. Petra helped me from the beginning to the end, supporting at each stage, at times thinking ahead, sometimes making me move faster and at other times directing me to explore further.