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I'm Nanditha, I'm on a constant path of re-invention. A self-taught designer & creative technologist, I have a myriad work history. I have previously worked in magazines and been associated with various handicrafts clusters for almost a decade. Trained as an engineer, I’m currently using my skills to build a bridge between crafts with technology. But all this is secondary to my primary job as a cat butler.

I started my career through media organisations intended on crafting stories, and this journey made me realise that the job of a magazine editor has everything to do with ideation, design planning and networking(and not much to do with editing content). My interest in design developed through this and the rare opportunity I got (through the ideation, creation and running the editorial of design detail)to work alongside the stalwarts of Indian architecture opened me up to the world of design and crafts further. I started working on handlooms and handicrafts as sustainable alternatives, and as a social entrepreneur there was a deliberate attempt to better the lives of the craftsmen. The market intervention I have done for the handloom weaving made me realise the need for a design intervention. The hard reality of not being able to find skilled labour, the constant effort to find new talent even when higher wages are offered and the inability to meet with the demands for sustainable alternatives made me realise that this sector is in a dire need of systemic change.

Having done my graduation in engineering, I started to seek solutions in technology; digital fabrication was an organic choice. This opened me further to machine design, and led to Fabacademy Prof.Neil gave the tools required for me to explore further to create faster, cheaper yet sustainable solutions. Indira loom and the idea to use an invasive species like water hyacinth are such projects. The decision to join Textile academy and Textile lab, Waag was a natural route in this journey.