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ChungHan Lu

About me

Hi! This is ChungHan Lu.

I am an material designer, researcher, artist based in Taiwan. My primary goal is to bridge the gap between material experimentation, traditional craft, bio-art and digital fabrication. I constantly question the potential of waste materials and bio-based resources, asking myself, "What can they become?" Currently I'm establishing my material-driven Fablab, with the hope of eventually integrating local materials, resources and connecting with international creators.

My website ChungHan Lu Lab

My background

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Public Health Science from Taiwan, I pursued my passion for design by enrolling in an Industrial Design program in Milan, where I earned my Master's degree in 2014. Subsequently, I embarked on a six-month internship in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. During my time in Europe, I developed a keen interest in conceptual design, material design, critical design, sustainable design, and art. Since then, I have continuously explored interdisciplinary initiatives at the intersection of materials, science, design, and art.

Previous work

NATURE 2nd Gen: The Unnatural Existence of Natural Matter

“Due to human activities, natural matters are appeared in different forms that somehow shows the idea:“it does not belong here”, blurring the boundaries between natural and artificial.”

2022 DutchinVertuals Academy “True Matter” digital exhibition

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Organic study

Exploring organic shapes through digital fabrication, seeking natural lines in modern technology, and reflecting a landscape that appears both realistic and dreamlike.

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Botanical C

Transform fibers into objects, show the handmade beauty, also create new life cycle of used materials.

Co-working Sybil-Ho Studio 2018 Dutch Design Week Publish by MATERIALDISTRIC

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Why join Fabricademy?

Attending Fabricademy would not only provide me with the technical knowledge and skills to bring my ideas to real world but also enable me to connect with a diverse community of professionals, experts, and fellow creatives. I am eager to share my experiences, learn from others, and engage in meaningful collaborations. The opportunity to exchange ideas and perspectives with like-minded individuals from different backgrounds is invaluable to me.

I strongly believe that Fabricademy is the perfect program to further my understanding of textiles, digital fabrication, and bio-material. I am excited about the prospect of learning from the esteemed faculty members and professionals associated with Fabricademy. Furthermore, I am eager to contribute to the program's community and actively participate in shaping the future of sustainable design.

As one of the most great idea from Fabricademy: Open source, I can browse the previous archive and found a lot of projects which really inspired me for example:


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