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Eileen Schreyers

Here you can find al my documentation for the Fabricademy program 2023-2024 that I follow in Greenfabric (Brussels).


Project management Digital bodies Circular fashion
Biochromes . . . E-textiles Biofabricating
Open-source hardware Computational couture Textile scaffold
Wearables SoftRobotics Skin electronics

And in week 11 I proposed my final project.

About me

My background

I am Eileen Schreyers. I have a background as a commercial engineer and anthropologist.

Since childhood I am sewing clothes. I explored different kinds of crafts related to textile, jewellery and shoedesign.

Nowadays I give sewing classes and classes in upcycling techniques to children and adults. I create upcycled products from old and wasted fabrics and textile.

I joined textile fablab Greenfabric since January 2023 where I am exploring different machines. For now my prefered one is the lasercutter.

Previous work

Microcosmos: connected by geometry

Creations made by modular geometric patterns, inspired by the geometry found on a microlevel in nature

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Macrocosmos: natural beauty

Serigraphy on wasted fabrics inspired by nature elements

serigraphy on wasted curtain serigraphy on wasted curtain

Tactile cushions

Tactile cushions, made for blind people

tactile cushions

Himalayan memories

Serigraphy on wasted sweaters inspired by past travels in the Himalaya

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Disguisement costums for children

disguisement costumes disguisement costumes

Last update: 2023-09-26