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About me

Hi! I am a Cuban-American artist and designer residing in France. I do graphic design in my personal projects and as a freelance job. For about 5 years I have a clothing project called marginalia, which transforms second hand clothing. Sometimes I commercialize the garments, sometimes they are part of exhibitions, where I try to have an interaction with the public and provoke a critical thinking of reality. I am also interested in popular culture and democratic access to the consumption of creative products.

For some years now I have wanted the opportunity to update myself with new technologies in the textile field. Being in the FabricAcademy is that dreamed opportunity, it's entering the future. I'm also interested in researching how new technologies can contribute to enhance Reuse, taking into account the tons of clothes that will still be part of our environment for some years to come.

Archive image. Popular skirt made with curtain textile

My background

I was born in Havana, Cuba, 1971. I have a degree in visual arts from the San Alejandro Academy and a degree in clothing design from the Higher Institute of Industrial Design in Havana. I have worked for the industry, mainly in silkscreen printing, as well as in costumes for plays and short films. Personal website

Previous work

Exhibition in Factoria Habana (24 pieces of second hand clothes cut and mixed indistinctly among them)

Photograph that was part of an exhibition at the 1st Havana Design Biennial (second hand garments)

Installation as part of an exhibition in Havana (25 second hand T-shirts, with a square fragment cut out and exchanged among them) referring to the artwork White on White, by K. Malévich. These T-shirts were given away to the public at the opening in exchange for a hashtag that included the word Cuba

Poster for an exhibition at the Ludwig Foundation in Cuba, which included a collection of transformed second-hand garments

Last update: 2021-10-17