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11. Implications and Applications

For this week's assigment we need to think about our final project and create a project pitch about it.

The Concept: My Dreamed Workshop: Space For Creation & Creative Therapies

Just briefly: Since I finished my Ceramic Master's Degree I want to hace my own Space. Now that I'm learning an Art Therapy Master's Degree while I'm here in Fabricademy, I would love to teach all this new knowledge in my own space.

This Workshop will be the Dream of my Life. But what I want to do here, as my final proyect is only one step of that path.


I divided the people who inspire me in three:

Regarding The Machine: Jonathan Keep, JetClay, Olivier van Herpt

These 3D Ceramic printers where build by people who really inspire me.

Regarding The Material: Adital Ela & Francesca Perona

In terms of design, I need to mention Adital Ela and Francesca Perona, whose amazing work inpired me during our assignments and also for my final project.

  • Adital Ela: She stands on encouraging sustainability and inventing fresh ways to preserve our planet. Her studio S-Sense based out of Israel defines itself by these three principles: 1. Planet: Design of products and services that support sustainability. 2. People: Design that empowers people and communities. 3. Value: The promotion of sustainable design thinking action and education.

  • Francesca Perona: She made an amazing research on Local Clays from an Italian region. She processed them and finally 3D printed them.

Nevertheless, I need to tell that I had many amazing professors at university who taught me about how to value and love ceramics, and is for that reason that I really want to work with ceramics now and go one step further with this project.

Regarding My Own Experimentation & Results

Project Idea


  • 1. 3D Ceramic & FDM Printer Building.
  • 2. Local Clays.
  • 3. CNC Milling Mold Creation.


  • 1. 3D Print Local Clays & Biomaterials.
  • 2. Place value on Local Resources.
  • 3. Research anther way of working processes with the Local Clay & Biomaterials.


  • 1. Building a 3D Open Source Ceramic & FDM Printer.
  • 2. Making a research on a different type of Local Clays.
  • 3. Designing & Creating different mold types for working with those materials.


  • 1. · For anyone who wants to build one oh these. · For anyone who want to learn how to 3D print with it.
  • 2. · For anyone who wants to work with local resources. · For anyone who wants to learn how to create biomaterials with local resources.
  • 3. · For anyone (including ceramists) who wants to learn how to design for the CNC milling and create molds.


What Techniques I'll be using

  • 3D Printing
  • CNC Milling
  • 2D/3D Modeling
  • Digital Fabrication

This is a Google Form which contains a Survey about some questions about my project:

Last update: 2022-05-06