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T R A C E S concept

TRACES is a unique project that explores the transformative nature of wear using 3 identical Japanese Kozo paper garments. What makes these garments special is that each one is worn for 3 days by a different person, creating a unique pattern of wrinkles and creases that reflect the wearer's activities and lifestyle. This process results in three personalized garments that bear the traces of their wearer's lives, showcasing the power of memory and impermanence.

TRACES not only documents the wearers' stories but also highlights the beauty of the material and the artistry of Japanese papermaking. It challenges our perceptions of clothing and reminds us that paper has a memory, and we are our memories. Through this project, the wearers become a part of the art and contribute to its creation, making it a truly collaborative experience. The result is a beautiful and thought-provoking collection of garments that represents the unique stories and experiences of each wearer, capturing the essence of their lives in a tangible and lasting form.


Video / Movie final project

wrinkled by life and plain paper landscapes of mountains and valleys pattern making

Storyboard for video

Last update: 2023-04-18