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2. Digital bodies

Hello dear reader, this is WEEK 2 - DIGITAL BODIES of our journey. What comes to our mind when we think of a digital body? Robots, Cyborgs, computers? Does any living body can turn into digital? Is it for good reason? Even though there are many questions the world IS turning into digital more and more and to be able to use it for good reasons, we need to learn it and create things for a better cause.


After a lecture Digital Bodies by Anastasia, got inspired by diverse artists and their sculptures. It is an interesting subject - Human Body that has been explored for centuries and still being a mystery. So I went to Pinterest - one of my favorite place where I like to get lost and made an album dedicated to Mannequins and Body in Art.

While surfing, I thought about Caryatids - Ancient Greek "sculpted female figures surving as an architercural support - column..(Wiki) It is a beautiful allegory of a woman gracefully holding an enormoous building on her bare shoulders.

It gave me an idea for our 3D scanning session where a woman body with raised arms could be like a Caryatid holding some object. So after a trial, it turned to be a failure, so the position was changed and the project was on a simple sitting female body position. For me it was important to hold onto 3D scanned figure as it was more real for me even though more challenging.

Make Human, Rhino and Slicer for Fusion 360

Even though I decided to use the 3d scanned figure, I still had pleausre to play with Make Human software, I tried to make my own body, ideal body that I wish to have and some experimented figures as well.

After that looking at the time I saw that I should hurry up and start to work on my project, I entered into Rhino and tried to make changes to my 3D scan, but nothing was working, due to imprefection of the 3D scanner, I had a hole on on the head of the scanned figure and the hands were not well scanned as well, but after hours of work, I still didint manage, so I left it as it is thinking that I better move on onto Slicer to prepare my project for Laser cutting.

Slicer was easier to handle, after some manipulations the figure was ready to be laser cut on the carton sheets.

quipu stalker
quipu stalker

Here is my first GIF animation of the rassembling my 3D modelling project.

Thank you for your attention and see you next week!:)

Hello again! I made another model during Fabricademy 22-23, this time worked on MakeHuman to make body and Rhino to edit and cut the pieces and afterwards used Slicer to make Radial slices in carton material.

Here is the result!

Last update: 2022-10-14