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13. Skin Electronics


This is our last week of lectures and tutorials, a bit sad and nostalgic already, but we have learned a lot and got to know our expended powers! Thank you Fabricademy for showing us endless possibilities!

I think its a very beautiful and exciting way to finish the course with Skin Electronics theme where we can work on lights and electronic manipulations on Skin!

Here I'm leaving tutorials to have a direct access:

What we need

Some things we could use during the Skin Electronics week:

  • Tatoo transfer paper

  • Electric conductive paint

  • Gold leaves

  • Conductive thread


First we need to prepare the ATTINY to transfer commands from Arduino to compact microcontroller - it has less memory and fewer features, but its more than enough for simple commands.

Here is me working on Arduino to teach different things to the little ATTiny

Link to copy and paste in Arduino:

Transfer of information to ATTiny:

My working ATTiny samples:

Leds on!

And with a digital switch:

Idea of the mini project

Since I Arrived to France I was very surprised and a little bit uncomfortable by a traditional kiss by cheeks with everybody you meet, now after 6 years I start to get used to it, but still stays as a mistery for me. So I wanted to make a mini project on this. Two people have applied gold leaf on the their cheeks and when they kiss by the cheek a led turns on on one of the kissers head as a little joy sign:). One of the "kissers" has the microcontroller and the led applied.

I have some issues on making this mini project succeed as when two golden leaves on two cheaks are connecting they stick to each other and it doesn't work. Some kind of a conductive protection would help, but I dont know what could I use. Very frustrating.



Last update: 2023-06-25