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5. E-textiles


Malin Bobeck with optical fibers


What is Optical Fiber?

I like to get into any new subject deeply and take my time to understand it, but I dont have this luxury with Fabricademy course, so I cant think and dream about a project that I want to do for each week in order to try to connect with other things we learned or use the new technique we learned, just there is no time for it, so I try to disconnect and not get too upset that I cant take my time, so I'm going just to take the first idea that comes to my head and work on that, but actually there were few ideas: - Embroidery on the base of my drawing - Jewelry - And the last is work on the existing paper dress - Use a Shisha embroidery with a copper coin as a decoration example.

This year I made a paper dress for a performance "Traces" that is entirely made from artisanal japanese paper. And during the performance it broke in some part and I was thinking to repair it, so the moment has come!

My idea is to repair it with a conductive thread and add a LED to light it. So I have changed my mind and I will keep this idea for the week 10 Wearables.

Im going to work on Shisha embroidery.

Basic electronics Tutorial

As I was a complet newby on electronics subject it was a challenge for me this week and still. I would like to take more time on it.

Here Im adding a video that I will rewatch many times I think.

Fabricademy 2021-22 Tutorial Basic Electronics from Fabricademy, Textile Academy on Vimeo.

Arduino tutorial

Here is tutorial where Emma explains very well how to use Arduino. This one also I will rewatch many times.

Fabricademy 2021-22 Tutorial Intro to Arduino by Emma Pareschi from Fabricademy, Textile Academy on Vimeo.

Let's start

So here are things we (might) need in order to work with Electronics + some inspirations as well

Simple circuit

Here is my first circuit ever, I was very excited to make it.

And after it was a game of finding all conductive things possible.

Even a banana is conductive, who would ever guess!

Digital and Analog switches

That were fun experiments, that's basics of how our light switches work everywhere we go(talking about digital switch)

Here is how to make a lovely DIGITAL switch + functioning

And here is ANALOG switch working


That was again a mysterious creature for me, a little green object that can create magic.

Digital switch on Arduino

And here are my textile swatches including Shisha embroidery.

Shisha embroidery originated in the 17th century in India. People in lower classes mimicked the jeweled garments of the wealthy by decorating fabric with silver beetles' wings and chips of mica. When a process for manufacturing tiny mirror discs was developed during the Mughal Empire, these tiny mirrors or shisha were swiftly adopted for fabric embellishment.

Here is the instruction on how to make a Shisha embroidery.

Using this tutorial I made a Shisha embroidery with copper coins and a conductive thread that would light a led when connected.

I had a log of fun during this week, I could imagine a whole interractive costume made this way. Hope to get deeper into Electronic Textiles one day.

Last update: 2023-06-25