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1. State of the art, project management and documentation

This week I was learning and practicing how to use GitLab. I was a bit stressed during the lecture as it seemed more complicated than it is, I guess because Im a very beginner, but after all when I tried it was not as scary as I thought. Also I was creating my main introduction page which was at the same time very exciting and at the same time frustrating as needed to structure, select the main things of my activity from the ocean of things that I did.

Markdown language notes and troubleshots

Here Im going to add things that I need to note for future use:

To add an image from uploaded images in GitLab:


Markdown syntax (vocabulary)

Adding content with Markdown

Also I had an issue adding a video, and all because I had to actually copy the html code that every online video has, Im going to show you where it is:


For my final project I started to put some points that I would like to work on. Here are things I would love to work on:

  • Various manipulation of textile: 3D-printing on textile, e-textile
  • Transformation of the outfit: soft robotics
  • As in 2021 I work with paper, I might work with paper for the garment

A brief idea-image of the final project is a costume that is presented through a performance, its a garment and during the act it is slowly transforming-mutating into something else. We can find a lot of examples in nature, the most common is Metamorphosis (this is a Greek word that means transformation or change in shape.) - from caterpillar to butterfly.

A hard rigid costume in which its hard to move, but it protects you well. From this costume you are slowly transforming into a new costume that is made from strong, but flexible material and it can adapt to the current environment and situation around you.

My performance video from few years ago where I explore the subject of transforamtion using a costume as a support.

UNRAVEL featuring VESSEL - RED SEX from Polyhedron Studio on Vimeo.

As its a diary style documentations I let myself to be free and share some curious things that I found on the way while surfing Internet:


Last update: 2023-01-17