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11. Implications and applications

This week is not an easy one as need to get closer to what are you going to work on for your final project. There are too many interesting things and ideas that are boiling and digesting in my head right now. I have two main dilemmas: either to make something artistic and throw all the crazy ideas and techniques that we've learned during this course or to be more focused and continue developping my Traditional Futures project that is about modernising traditional costumes, on which I could go farther with new technologies.

My intuition tells me that I should concentrate on my on-going Traditional Futures project that has already been started and not get into new things to pile up the mountain.

Link from Anastasia:

Link from Nuria:

Excel on final project review:

Comments from Excel:

  • Books tell stories like your costume. Love it!
  • Jun from Kamakura made this circular fashion kimono:
  • How long are you planning to put in the making of the costume? Will you make it alone? In a group? *The construction of the costume can be a project itself:

  • I love how you say its like a book, its totally true

  • was thinking of projects that connect past and future, there is an artist working with cermic beads jewellery (the position was important as information) that includes also elctronics in it as extra info of layers
  • what kind of aesthetics? maybe collage it more?
  • what you said about the tech is there with purpose for the wearer is very imporatnt, meaning its not just decorative
  • If you look at traditional dutch garments for examples, they have these detachable pockets

Last update: 2021-12-21