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I am a Danish born, Swedish raised, newly graduated textile designer mostly based in Copenhagen. I graduated from The Swedish School of Textiles specialised in machine knit. However, I also have a predilection for biomaterials and sustainable design processes and strategies. Which is why I find myself in this tiny town in Iceland, attending Fabricacademy.


                                                                                                                              MOVING ALONG, 2021, photographed by Carolina Sardal Jerhov


I often find my creative process on the edge between the known and the unknown. I like to venture into the depths of the unknown, to create surfaces and shapes that are non-figurative and challenge our concept of a surface or a shape. The natural world is therefore a great source of inspiration both intentionally and not.


                                                                                                                              DEVOUR ME, 2018, photographed by Carolina Sardal Jerhov


In recent years I have become very invested in working together with nature to design ecocentricly instead of humancentricly. I have both delved into this practice by myself and in collaboration and with guidance from design professor Julia Lohmann. One of the products from this interaction was a material library of waste Kombu seaweed. Obtained from the sculpture Kombu Ahtola that I helped create during my internship with Lohmann in 2020. The biomaterial is based on recipes found in The Chemarts Cookbook. I also had great sucess laser cutting in the material, creating patterns and surfaces in the material. This is a path I want to explore further both being inspired by nature in processes and aesthetics, but also by working with natural materials.


                                                                                                                                    JÄTE, 2020, photographed by ALBERTE BOJESEN


My work evolves around movement, and often around the body's movement and its intra active relationship with material. I look at material as a partner to the body, that together creates synergy. In my degree work I examined the intra-active relationship between dance and knitted material, where the movement of the material became a dance partner.


                                                                                                                                MOVING ALONG, 2021, photographed by Carolina Sardal Jerhov


Having gone through three years of learning about the traditional textile techniques and the design methods around these, I vant to venture out into the field between the unknown and the known, and between science, nature and design. I have previously worked a lot with seaweed as a material and a composite material both in my own work and together with Julia Lohmann. Just this spring we worked together to complete a seaweed sculpture that was shown in the exhibition ‘Tidelines’ shown by Messums in Tisbury, England. From my work with Lohmann I have come to realise how important it is to collaborate with nature, but also with other disciplines, such as biology, ecology etc. This is a skill that I want to become better at, as it is vital that our future design-processes involve collaborations, not just with different disciplines, but also with the ecosystem in which we design. Additionally I am also really excited about devloping my digital profile, as this is also vast field of the design world. One which I know well in the two-dimensional plane, but not so much in the three-dimensional plane, and I am yearning to excel at this.


In 2023 a group of designers from ITU and I are planning to apply for the COPENHAGEN LIGHT FESTIVAL. The project is going to evolve around interaction, light and material, where the designers form ITU will provide the digigital and programming skills and I will provide the knowledge about materials and form. I will be working on this project along with Fabricademy and plan on incorporating what I learn here in terms of programming and biomateriality into that project. It might also be my final project.

Last update: 2022-11-02