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Since the beginning of the year I have planned in detail the stages of work on my final project.

My work plan on the final project can be seen in the pictures that follow.

BoM bill of materials


Qty Description Price Link Notes
1 jeans - - old jeans
2 thread for sewing machine 1 $ - bought
3 snaps buttons 0.5 $ - bought

Software and mashines

Qty Description Price Link Notes
1 Clo3D 50.00 $/month paid online
2 Laser machine - - FabLab
3 sewing machines - - ZipHouse

My Project

Bit below you can see my prezentation with the stages of development of my project.

My project by Aliona Raru

Story telling script

In the 10th week of the project we held a photo shoot for the final presentation of the project, but not before establishing a script.

In the following presentation you can see the steps set for the final presentation of my project.

strory telling by Aliona Raru


Half-fabrication files and tutorial

Last update: 2023-04-19