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Between Past and Future - digital library

The project supports and promotes the Moldovan cultural heritage. The main goal is to bring traditions into the family of all those who are far from their homelands. It also comes as a digital support to all those who want to know the ornamental diversity of the Moldovan national costume.

The digital library is a free platform and can be used from any corner of the world. The ornamental elements of the library are created using veridical sources collected from the country's museums.

The creation of the digital library allows:

  • Preservation and integration in fashion of the cultural heritage of the country;

  • Reduced time for creating new collections;

  • Reduction of textile waste;

  • Environment protection.


Final Presentation de Elena Florea-Burduja

Video / Movie final project

Video Final Presentation de Elena Florea-Burduja

Thesis PDF

final project in pdf

Last update: 2023-04-24