This is the start of my personal experience through the Fabricademy program.

About me

I am a biologist that got involved in the FabLab universe through my previous job with the government. Most of my previous work have been related to science and transfer of technology, but this time the chance to explore art and cultures motivated me to enroll in this Fabricademy edition. I think through this experience I am going to be able to strengthen my skills in communication, storytelling and aesthetics, but mostly I am driven by the fun of exploration. I have a webpage (not very well maintained) that explores biohacking, and by the moment the building of an incubator.

My background

I was born in a nice city called Quito, in South America, Solar System, Milky Way. I am interested in science and technology, but also in art and performing. I used to work for technology companies and goverment institutions related to STEMS, and in my free time I compose Electronic Music.

Previous work

For a long time, I used to work in a company related to fuel optimization and emission reduction, related to air quality. Then I worked in a project that the goverment had aimed to build a thechnology hub. There I was involved in the development of the Fablab (Yachay), where I was trained in the machines operation and met the Fablab network.

Final Project Interest

For a long time I was interested in exploring the MIDI technology in combination with microcontrollers, sensors and actuators. I was also interested in the steampunk culture, as a statement that another technology is possible. I think the phylosophy behind steampunk is somehow related to the FaBlab and Makers domains... and most of all... Gears!

This is a photo I took in one of my trips. I think in performing light is an important thing, and we can controll them electronically!

This is another caption