This workshop was organized because the fabric collected was dedicated to furniture, so it was a good way to use the fabrics on its purpose.

The goal is also to learn to people how to sew basic things, so that they can empower themselves and improve their autonomy.

Showing that sewing is simple but take times, to change the point of view on fast fashion prices and working conditions.



The flax seeds cushion sewing workshop took place the 9th of February.

9 people participated at the workshop, 3 people already know to sew and 6 people were beginners.


Sensibilize about textile waste

Reduce textile consumption

Improve autonomy

Knowledge sharing

Connecting people

Know how

Sewing machine


'Since the workshop I think before throwing away, if it can be reused. I also try to buy more on second hand, especially for the kids. I can't wait to start this kind of workshop again. It’s really good for the spirit. We create links with people by creating and all this while preserving the planet. What more ?'' Justine

'Very fun and enjoyable workshop. Some tasks are to be performed in duo (filling the inner cushion with linseeds) which allows to meet and discuss with the participants. I found this workshop particularly interesting because the confection is simple but the result is impressive. The craze at the end of the workshop was general because our cushions were all successful. Half of the participants had never touched a sewing machine. Workshop for everyone therefore!'' Adèle