During the three months of the final project I also work on opening a textilelab and a workshop place.

That was the goal after following the Fabricademy, to be able to open and run a textile lab.

I applied for a call for projects in my town, for a temporary occupation of a building. I made a report on the project to apply, introduced the 20th of January and get the answer that the project was selected the 14th of February.

The place is an old building, on a small commercial area.

The ground floor will be used for the workshop and the textile lab, and the three upper floors as a creator coworking place.

The place openened the 13th of may.


The goal is to reduce consumption, promote autonomy and recreate links through creation. Indeed, nowadays, individuals are reduced to the role of consumers, the workshop allows them to regain the capacity to create, build or repair and thus constitutes a path towards emancipation and autonomy.

The place will be linked to the neighborhood in order to build a collaborative ecosystem.

The main interest is to learn or relearn how to do it yourself, but above all to do together and thus share know-how and knowledge.

This place will allow creation to be at the center of the ecological and social transition, for a more sustainable way of life and rational consumption that respects the environment.

It is a place of conviviality, exchange and sharing which aims social diversity, through a confrontation of audiences and networks. It is dedicated both to creative professionals, to amateur practice, with an entrepreneurial, artistic and cultural aim.

The place is dedicated to creation and will consist of a shared workshop space equipped with machines (fablab type), a space of collaborative workshops allowing to give or follow courses on different creative themes, and finally, workspaces allowing entrepreneurs in the creative field to have access to the shared workshop and training.

The workshop will be a collaborative workspace dedicated to the discovery, innovation, expression, learning and promotion of creation.

Creators studio

The project is a coworking place for creators.

The creators were selected on their sustainability values, favoring local materials and reuse.

8 studio are occupied by different creators :

The creators will give public workshops every month.



  • Knowledge appropriation space.
  • Collaborative workspace dedicated to the discovery, expression, learning and promotion of creation.
  • Place of experimentation and training in new technologies.

Social cohesion

  • Create link between users and the neighborhood.
  • Open to everyone and encourage interaction.
  • Reduce inequalities between people.

Sustainable consumption

  • Learn do it yourself, repair or upcycling.
  • Become independent from the consumer society.
  • Learn the value of objects and there impacts.
  • Favor the circular economy, the short-circuit and the secondhand.


  • Allow everyone to learn and share creative knowledge.
  • Pooling of tools and skills.
  • Pooling of resources.
  • Shared workshops.