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Wearables and Sound


Human Computer Interaction: University Saarland

Researches on Skinelectronics and Sensors working with the physical Body



Psychology of Colours

Electronic Components


LED Strip

Colores del LED Azul, Verde, Rojo
Longitud de tira: 500mm
Tensión nominal: 5V dc
Número de LEDs por metro: 144
Diseño flexible/rígido: Flexible
Paso de LED: 7mm
Serie: DotStar

Power Supply

Litio Battery

Tensión Nominal: 3.7V
Capacidad: 2Ah
Química Polímero de Litio
Tipo de Terminal: Hilo de Conexión
Rango de Temperatura de Funcionamiento: 0 → +45°C

Sound Output


Boards for RF Construction with Arduino

Stereo AMP 20W Arduino

RF Transciever Modul

RF Stereo Transmitter Modul


Bluetooth Stereo Amp Reciever Modul

Sensor Input

Capacitive Breakout Modul 12 Inputs


Conductive Fabrics

Stretch Conductive Fabric

"This medical grade Silver plated 76% Nylon, 24% elastic fiber fabric offers the unique ability to stretch in both directions. Can be used as an antibacterial wound dressing (note: our material is not sterile) but it also makes a great material for electrode contacts, stretchy hats, socks, gloves, or other garments. Highly conductive, and conductivity increases as it stretches in one direction, and decreases as it stretches in the other direction. Silver coating is 99.9% pure. Silver/gray color."

Shielding performance: 30-50 dB, tested from 1-10 GHz
Width: 135 cm wide (52 inches) but varies from lot to lot
Weight: 4.3 oz/yd²
Thickness: 0.40 mm
Stretch: ~100% in length direction; ~65% in width direction
Surface resistivity is < 1 Ohm/sq. (unstretched)
Temperature range: -30 to 90°C


Capacitive Sensor

"Create capacitive sensors that can detect touch or proximity. The capacitiveSensor library turns two or more Arduino pins into a capacitive sensor, which can sense the electrical capacitance of the human body. All the sensor setup requires is a medium to high value resistor and a piece of wire and a small (to large) piece of aluminum foil on the end. At its most sensitive, the sensor will start to sense a hand or body inches away from the sensor."

About Capacitive Sensor

Function and Circuits of Touch Sensors

On Skin Touch Sensor

Pressure Sensor

Velostat Sensor

"These sensors measure pressure and can also be designed and placed to measure bend. They work on the simple principal that Velostat reacts to pressure with a decrease in electrical resistance. When sandwiched between two conductive layers, this change in resistance can be easily measured and used as an indication of how much pressure is being applied."

Conductive Thread Pressure Sensor

"Stitching conductive thread into neoprene to create a pressure sensitive pad. This sensor is very similar to the Fabric Bend Sensor or vis-versa. And also close to the Fabric Pressure Sensor, but the difference is that the conductive surface is minimized by stitching only a few stitches on either side with conductive thread. This creates a good fingertip pressure range."


"Interrupts are useful for making things happen automatically in microcontroller programs and can help solve timing problems. Good tasks for using an interrupt may include reading a rotary encoder, or monitoring user input."

interrupt function

interrupt code


Paralell Programming - Protothread

Arduino Guides

Coding Foundations

Function Declaration

Variables Declaration

Last update: April 12, 2021