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1. State of the art, project management and documentation


This week I started to getting used to the documentation process on GitLab and edited my Homepage using Markdown coding language.


I never had real experience in programming, so the first two weeks were a mess coding and uploading images without not recieving a mail warning me I did something wrong. So bit by bit I tried to find a good way to organize my documentations. There was also the problem with my image sizes. But I found a user friendly software with what I was able to quickly downsize and edit my images and saving them as .png files.

For Editing I used the Tutorials from Fabricademy and found an easy beginners interactive tutorial for coding with markdown.


Fabricademy Lectures: State of the Art

Fabricademy 20-21 Week 1 State of the Art from Fabricademy, Textile Academy on Vimeo.

Inspiration for future projects

Last update: June 30, 2021