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Do something activist, like a manifest product that interacts with the observer and carries a message about our time. I was still at a loss as to what to do, I was just that sure. After the first orientation, Cecília gave me the tip to think about which story I would like to tell. With that in mind, I decided to tell the story of water because it is one of the great problems of our time.


Throughout Fabricademy, I was very thoughtful about my place as a designer. The difficulties in accessing the laboratory, the lack of access to unconventional machines around here and the difficulty of finding certain materials made me bring Brazil as a source of inspiration in several of my assignments and the final project was no different.

Once again, I wanted to bring some debate from my country to the fore. And when it comes to water, brazil has the greatest potential for freshwater reserves in the world. At the same time, water permeates many of the country's political, economic and environmental issues, and we see news covering water issues all the time.

At the same time, when I look at my field of training, fashion design, water permeates a large part of the life cycle of an apparel product. It turns out that the fashion industry is the second largest consumer of water in the world (ROUPATECA, 2021), and one of those responsible for the pollution of microplastics in the oceans.


From the moment I started to outline the ideas of how to make a live activist piece with the aim of expressing the water debate, I was very doubtful and with a little lapse of creativity towards the idea. Still, I thought about working with the level of water pollution, perhaps through color-changing biomaterials PH indicators or using an existing sensor attached to the product.

Very inspired by biomaterials capable of interacting with the environment (eg. wer pure, biofilter), by the aesthetics of water put literally like these works by Iris van herpen and Scarllet Yang and also by pieces that need a liquid medium to present to be a result, like this submerged crystallization this work of neri oxman (Mushtari) where the substance passes through the tubes and brings the final result.

Also, by the rain pallet, material capable of changing color according to the pH of the rain.


I think of my final project as something directly done for the viewers, in order to shock and draw attention to the water debate.

Here, I also dread an opportunity to address the 100th anniversary of the first Brazilian Modern Art Week and the year of water (2022), in an exhibition in São Paulo (April) in which Angela Barbour is organizing and invited me to participate.

I also think about working with researchers in the area.


At the time, I had made this Gantt Chart. However, I have to confess that I already broke the whole schedule.


In Brazil, more specifically in Curitiba (my city) and São Paulo (where my node is).


During my presentation, Anastasia and Cecília suggested some projects to me, such as:

Computer 1.0, by Victoria Manganiello

I'm Water, an interactive experience with Google Earth about water in the Amazon.

Matricaria and its indication of natural pigments mapping Brazil

When showing my Gantt Chart, Anastasia suggested putting the search for less time and further forward, after everything was defined.

There were also some ideas of how this product could be

  • Several tubes pass through the garment and indicate water pollution through color change;

  • It may not need to be a garment;

  • It can be a giant kimono where the spectator interacts entering the piece, it can have several pockets, each one shows the water of a color;

  • Use vectors from Brazilian hydrographic basins and transpose into the piece.



Water Dress by Irin Van Herpen

Water Dress by Iris Van Herpen

Scarllet Yang



sensor that measures urban river pollution

Amazon mangroves

Brazilian hydrography

Rain Palette

Mushtari by Neri Oxman

Computer 1.0 by Victoria Manganiello

Water Machine by Google Earth - here it's in portuguese, but you can found this in english


about Brazilian hydrography

Illegal mining

Illegal mining

Mariana's disaster

Hydro-electric energy

Hydro-electric energy

fashion and water consumption

report - fashion and water consumption relation

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